Is IQ important?

This is a difficult question and depends on the specific person. IQ score can be informative to know, but sometimes unnecessary.

A person's intelligence can be influenced by a variety of genetic and environmental factors, including:

- parental IQ
- genes
- parenting style
- nutrition
- education

There are many ways that can help a person increase their IQ as well as improve their brain function like constantly learning something new, frequent reading, learning new languages, physical exercise, proper nutrition and other activities.

While people with high IQs typically do well in school, often earn more money, and tend to be healthier in general, IQ scores do not necessarily predict an individual's success in life. Some people may struggle in one area and have a weakness in one or more types of intelligence but could perform excellent in other areas.

There are people who have low or average IQ, but are great musicians, artists, actors or have other talents.

Someone who is extremely smart but very lazy, could be less successful in life than somebody who isn't as smart but works very hard.

Some people have a high IQ but also have high levels of anxiety which results in poor performance on tests and exams.

Experts suggest that other important elements contribute to success in life, including social and emotional factors, ambition, motivation, opportunities. It is important to remember that IQ tests are only a measure of intelligence and most people have the capacity to learn regardless of their IQ score.

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